Fertilizer (compost)

A fundamental principle of our company is the respect for the environment and faith in the principles of sustainable development.

Therefore, we have placed special emphasis on the olive mill waste management by including in our investments the installation of a waste processing unit for converting waste into a compost (natural fertilizer), even though this investment is not profitable by modern means.

By olive processing, aside from olive oil, we also extract the olive pomace which consists

of grinded olive parts (exocarp, fleshy mesocarp and woody endocarp), olive leaves transferred with the fruits and an amount of liquid waste known as oil-moist or oil residue, which is important in terms of volume and organic load.

The vegetable liquids (excluding oil) of the olive fruit constitute approximately 40-45% of its weight. Most commonly, the vegetable liquids contain 17% of solids which are in turn 15% organic and 2% inorganic. The mixture varies depending on olive variety, olive ripeness (harvesting season) and production conditions (irrigation, fertilization, cultivation etc).