Olive tree - Olive Plantations

Our company has on its privately owned plantations approximately 3000 olive trees, which annually produce about 20000 lt. of olive oil. 

The total number of olive trees which provide olives for Cardiofilo and Chrysolado are located on the island of Thasos and most of them grow in the western part of the island which boasts the highest production per tree.

Work on the plantations and the trees is supervised by an agronomist and we pay special attention to the environmental factor when we execute large scale projects.

VI.EL.THA. always ensures that the cultivation method is in accordance with the European Union regulations regarding organic farming. Furthermore we have signed special contracts with individual farmers who are clients of VI.EL.THA., and we make sure that their cultivation method is guided and supervised by us.

Fertilizer (compost)

A fundamental principle of our company is the respect for the environment and faith in the principles of sustainable development.

Therefore, we have placed special emphasis on the olive mill waste management by including in our investments the installation of a waste processing unit for converting waste into a compost (natural fertilizer), even though this investment is not profitable by modern means. See more about compost in the products section.