Edible Olives and Olive Paste

altThe production of edible olives were driven to use methods from the past and nature, and our products to meet the nutritional needs of those who love the edible olive, but the doctor forbids them to eat salt for health or disease prevention.

The olives which our company produces are:

  1. The Green Smashed Olive or "KLASTADA."
  2. The Black Olive "Throumba of Thassos" of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) 3. The unsalted Black Olive "Throumba of Thassos" (patent for the production of edible "unsalted" olive from Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation)

In the manufacturing process of edible olives we have used the principle of local production methods. So for the Green Smashed Olive (KLASTADA, name derives from the ancient Greek word "klazo" ie smash) the method we use to get the bitterness out is the stay of the olives in drinking water with frequent water changes, and then putting them in a little saline, that is acidic, with aromatic plants.

For the Black Olive "Throumba of Thassos", the mature olive production process is the same that had our ancestors, ie putting the olives in salt, draining the fluids and then washing them, so that the salt content is very small (2 -3%).

For the production of edible unsalted Black Olive "Throumba" we did the reproduction conditions of nature and thus have edible savory with 0% added salt. For this product we have gotten a patent from Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation.

Using all the tastefull types of edible olives we have an advanced production of excellent handmade Olive paste.

The pastes are available:

  1. Green olives
  2. Dry Black Olive "Throumba of Thassos"
  3. Unsalted Black Olive "Throumba of Thassos"
  4. Spicy Olive paste.